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PostSubject: Lycanthropy.   Lycanthropy. Icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2008 2:49 am

Lycanthropy. Is the phenomina in which a human, with or without will, turns into an animal. The most common example of this is the werewolf. Insanely powerful, it has all the speed, power and instincts of the wolf, combined with the raw intellegince and cunning of humanity. It can rip your head off and use it as a bowling ball before your even aware of it. It takes either a fool or a hero to take it on. It's only weakness is silver, and can only be killed by separating the heart from the brain.
There are many variations on the classic "silver bullet", but the most effecttive version is buckshot, as a rifle is to powerful for the bullet to hit the target intact, and a handgun to inacurate. You don't want to wound it and have it pissed off at you. aim for the throat, the skull is quite thick, and the ribcage is very dense.
If you get bitten, you gain some awesome powers, but as the average werewolf likes to gorge itself on the internal organs, getting bitten and escaping is unlikely to say the least.
Happy hunting!
Evil Clowns

Choke, choke again
I thought, my demons were my friends
Getting me in the end
They're out to get me
Since I was young
I tasted sorrow on my tongue
And the sweet sugar gun
Does not protect me
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