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 Baking Brownies

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Baking Brownies Empty
PostSubject: Baking Brownies   Baking Brownies Icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2008 8:51 am

Note: These brownies are not from scratch. If you're looking to make some kind of gourmet S***, stop reading, Martha.

I've been noticing that any pot recipies here tend to say "place pot directly into ___" This is wrong. The pot will make your stomach feel yucky, especially when making brownies. Not only will your brownies taste disgusting but they will look unpleasant too.

First you will need:

* 1 box of any ready made brownie mix (Betty Crocker, Pillsbury etc.)
* 1 frying pan
* Anywhere from an 8th to half ounce of de-seeded SCHWAG. (Its key that you use schwag and NOT your good to great weed. No one wants to smoke schwag cos it tastes nasty and personally i get burnt out faster. But since you're not smoking it there's no need to worry about the taste and headache. SO save the good S*** for smoking and use your shake or dirt weed for the brownies. And lots of it.)

You are going to follow the directions on the brownie box exactly as printed except before you start mixing the dry and wet ingrediants together, you are going to take however much of the butter or vegetable oil needed in the recipe (usually like 2 cups or something but its depending on who's brownies but it doesn't matter) Just take however much oil is needed and heat in the frying pan. Then add all your pot (make sure the seeds are out, cos you don't want hot seeds popping you in the eye. Stems are ok to leave in though) The heat from the stove is essential in releasing the thc contained in weed and to be taken in by the oil. Simmer this for about 2 minutes. Don't let anything burn tho. After about 2 minutes all the thc is released from the pot and absorbed by the fat in the oil. You are then going to drain the oil of any of the leaves and stems etc. Discard whats in the strainer, you're only concerned with whats in the oil.

Now continue to follow directions on the brownie box, mixing all the ingredients and baking it and what not. After the brownies have cooked and are cooled, please consume. And there you have the real method to making pot brownies.

Tips and Reminders

* When you heat the pot in the oil (or microwave blunts...but thats a different story), its gonna smell like massive weed up in your kitchen. Always open windows, turn on air purifiers, turn on fans or stove hoods/vents if you don't want your house or apartment to smell. Your place is gonna need a little time to air out too so please bake with caution especially if you live with people who don't appreciate the finer things in life or parents for that matter.
* Never just mix weed in with the brownies. It won't work. You must heat the weed in the oil to release the THC.
* If by some odd reason you don't or can't finish these delicious brownies, wrap in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and save until later. I'm not really sure how long they will last, as long as regular brownies last...but i'm not sure how long that is either.
* And of course, don't use your good stash for these. Because hey..if you F*** them up in any way you still have your reefer to smoke and forget about your failed attempt at baking.

I got this recipe from

Choke, choke again
I thought, my demons were my friends
Getting me in the end
They're out to get me
Since I was young
I tasted sorrow on my tongue
And the sweet sugar gun
Does not protect me
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Baking Brownies
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