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PostSubject: Coffee   Coffee Icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2008 9:06 am

Well, here i am.. fucked outta my mind on coffee, i havent slept in days... Why? i have no idea, but coffee is fun. Coz it gets u wired... and beeing wired is very fun.. Know what i mean?

So first off, make sure u have a coffee machine. The kind that uses filters. Or else theres really no point. And make sure u have a coffee grinder or blender, or anything to grind yer beans with.

So go the shop, get yourself a bag of the strongest coffee beans u can find. And get ready to get fuukkkd. But please, i accept no resposibility for any damages done by my recipes. This is only for information purposes Wink ( yeah right )


Mind-F*** Coffee:

U will need:

Coffee beans
5 whole nutmegs
Some Tobacco ( preferably pipe tobacco, cherry normally works best )
Some Tea ( The flavour u like best, because this is used the mask the horrible taste of nicotine and nutmeg )


Take the nutmegs, and beat them into crumbly bits with a hammer, then put them into the coffee grinder. Throw in the tobacco, tea and coffee beans. grind it up nicely. And make some coffee with the grounds.


when coffee is made from this, caffiene will be absorbed from the coffee and tea, nicotine will be extracted from the tobacco. And a bit of mescaline will be extracted from the nutmeg.. The result? Well.. Drink a whole pot and see Razz

Super Duper Strong Alchoholic Coffee:

U will Need:

Coffee Grounds
Some Vodka


Make your coffee the same way as you always do, except for one difference. The water u use will be pre-prepared in a speical way Wink Allow me to explain, Take your coffee pot, fill it with half water, and half vodka. Then pour coffee grounds into it. A lot. So its Really murky. Leave it to soak overnight. Then strain it, Then use that water to make coffee with.


The caffiene will be absorbed into the alcohol, making the water u use, not only alcoholic, but extremely caffiend potent. Then, when u use it to make coffee with. The caffiene will be increased. Plus the alchohol, will have an adverse effect when mixed with the caffiene. What will it do to you? Well, it will get you drunk, and completely smashed. But i must warn You, this is higly dangerous. Use in moderation..

Ganja Coffee:

U Will need:

Some Fragrant Tea,
Some nice pipe tobacco.
Some of the best Marijuana u can find..


Get out your coffee grinder, throw everything in and grind it up to a powder. And make sure not the De-Seed the weed. Throw it all in Stems,Seeds and all. The result should be a brownish green powder. Make coffee with this.


Well, U get the caffiene.. And the nicotine. But best of all. U get the THC from the weed. Result? High... Fucking high... Jeez.. U will be flying. Once again, be careful with this.

Super Duper All In one Stuck To The Wall Coffee:

U Will Need:

Every Ingredient Listed Above


First, prepare your water as said in the super strong coffee, ( vodka and grounds ) Then Grind Up Eveything, The Nutmeg, The Coffee, The Tea, The Tobacco And The Weed. Make Some Cofee. Prepare to hallucinate..


Well, Think : Nicotine, Mescaline, Caffiene, Thc, And alcohol. U Will go insane My friend. But be warned. U may overdose from this. PLLLEEEAASE be carful... Okay?

Right, thats it. For best effect, smoke ciggarettes while drinking these recipes. Okay? And please dont kill yoself... s All I ask. Now, prepare to get fucked my friend!! But dont go overboard. ( as u havent already )

I also got this of totse

Choke, choke again
I thought, my demons were my friends
Getting me in the end
They're out to get me
Since I was young
I tasted sorrow on my tongue
And the sweet sugar gun
Does not protect me
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