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The tournament is going to be a series of games where two sides, UNSC and The Covenant, fight to control the galaxy.

Each planet in the galaxy will be represented by a multi-player map.
There are 11 planets in total.

To start things off:
5 planets will be in UNSC control
and 5 by The Covenant
With one neutral Planet in the middle.

The first game will be to take control over the neutral planet and then
take in turns to invade the enemy's occupied planets until one side controls all.

Players in UNSC must use spartan armor in these games
Players in The Covenant must use elite armor in these games

Turns work like this:

if planets controlled is 6 or more then you can invade with 12 players(i.e. 6 players to two different planets, or a whole 12 to one.)

if planets controlled to 5 or less then you can invade with 8 players(i.e. 4 players to two different planets, or a whole 8 to one.)

Also I planet can only be invaded If it is close to one of your controlled planets.
I will over look that these rules are applied.

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